Psychophonetics coaching, counselling & psychotherapy is a person-centred, experiential approach incorporating body, soul, and spirit. It offers a conversational phase as well as an action phase in each session, in which each person's inner and outer experiences are valued and personal responsibility is encouraged.

Psychophonetics, founded by Yehuda Tagar in the late 1980s is based on Anthroposophy, applied psychosophy, humanistic psychology & the expressive arts.

Psychophonetics counsellors, coaches, and psychotherapists, work in partnership with each person to explore the client's experience, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours - encouraging each person to become more self aware, orientated, empowered and resourceful in their life.


Turn your current life challenge into an opportunity

Become more consciously aware, connected and confident - overcome your fears, reactions, anger and more - by learning to use for yourself the following non-verbal ways of knowing in everyday life -

Sensing, Gesturing, Visualising & Sound Therapy 

Practitioners are working in the major cities of Australia, as well as in South Africa, England, Germany, Spain, Israel, & Europe.

"I nearly didn't come to counselling because of the fear factor,
but when you mentioned this as an opportunity to start,
I found myself out of the chair saying yes".


Graduate Diploma in Holistic Counselling(Psychophonetics) for the Workplace

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Psychophonetics: Stories & Insights from Practice


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