EMPATHY that is transformative involves consciously cultivating our capacity for empathy with others based on deepening our self awareness.

Our normal senses cannot perceive the reality of another person from their own point of view. We need to develop new organs of perception for that.

The human need for empathy says - See me, Hear me, Know me

Empathy includes evolving three capacities -

  1. Perceptive Imagination
  2. Perceptive Inspiration
  3. Perceptive Intuition



Psychophonetics is a process enabling everyone of goodwill to develop their next step of empathic capacity through transformative experiential learning, on the basis of developing a deeper perception of themselves.

On that basis, we can evolve an inner eye, inner ear and inner knowing that makes it possible to perceive the reality of others from their own point of view.  

Einfühlung - to feel into things - a term coined by Robert Vischer in 1873 to describe art appreciation. Not until 1951 when Carl Rogers used the word empathy at the foundation of Humanistic Psychology, that it evolved into a universally used word, as a way to name a new human ideal - an individual’s striving to understand another individual from their own point of view.

Rudolf Steiner is one of the earliest philosophers and visionaries of the future emergence of empathy, long before the word was coined. He laid the philosophical foundation for it in his Philosophy of Freedom (1894, chpt 14); established it as a cornerstone for sustainable personal and spiritual development in 1904 (as condition 2, in chpt 5- the seven conditions for spiritual development in  Knowledge of the Higher Worlds; as the future evolution of consciousness in his teaching on Preparing for the sixth Epoch (1915) and From Symptom to Reality in Human History (1918).

The major objective of spiritual development in light of Anthroposophy is the gradual cultivation of the organs of perception - Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition - which became the core competencies of Transformative Empathy in Psychophonetics.

ARTICLE: Seeing with the Heart - An outline of methodical-transformative empathy

Transformative Empathy evolved over many years of exploring and applying Psychosophy and Psychophonetics. It is taught in the professional training courses at the Psychophonetics Institute International and its affiliates.

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