An expressive, artistic, body
and soul oriented approach
based on the spiritual work of
Rudolf Steiner in Anthroposophy
and Psychosophy


Encouraging Inner Strength

The benefit of seeing a Psychophonetics practitioner is that there is a conversation phase as well as an experiential phase in each session.

The counselling session includes

  • Exploring your concerns in conversation and listening until a common picture or understanding is achieved between you and the practitioner, regarding your situation.
  • On this basis, you are invited to form a practical wish statement which guides the direction of the next part of the session - the action phase.
  • A common starting point is choosing the experience of a moment in life relating to your issue.
  • This moment is then recalled,
    • sensed in the body, and
    • through various ways this experience is expressed - by gesturing, visualising and sounding - or by drawing - or in clay
    • in a process of entering, exiting and beholding imaginatively the inner dynamics
    • you can come to an inner knowing about this experience, and
    • through sound work changes can be made to the vibrational patterns held in the body. 
  • By working together in an experiential and creative way, inner dynamics can be explored, expressed and transformed.
  • These non-verbal ways of knowing offer a transformational and developmental approach in which you gain skills to use in everyday life.
  • Drawing, painting and clay-work can also be used at home, as well as in the sessions.

  Using sounds feels like I’ve broken down a black box that I’ve been inside.

  Each time I make a sound and gesture I give myself more space…

  I had negative thought patterns & behaviours I was able to break down with sounds…

  I’ve involved the whole of me to heal the whole of me, not just the mind.

Practitioners are trained to work with your experience as the basis for encouraging your inner knowing, inner strength, feelings, and needs

Psychophonetics practitioners offer an educational and therapeutic learning process that encourages the development of each person's knowing, unfolding and potential.

I never quite understood what had happened to me and what impact it had on me, and why I was affected so much...

It was amazing to find out and to have a greater clarity and understanding about past hurts and triggers…I mean first I had to gesture the situation, feel it, find a colour and sound and then at the end was the clay.

The clarity of seeing the relationships, seeing it in clay was quite profound for me...there was a different perspective completely.

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