Founder of -
Persephone College
Persephone Institute
Psychophonetics Institute Intl.

Philophonetics and Philophonetics-Counselling was founded by Yehuda in the late 80s-early 90s and was renamed Psychophonetics in 2002

1991 - Persephone College of Philophonetics was founded in Adelaide, Australia by Yehuda and continued in Melbourne from 1992, and in Bunbury WA (1997-1998)

2002 - Yehuda moved to South Africa and founded Persephone Institute of Psychophonetics in Cape Town. Training courses are not currently operating in Cape Town

2007 - Training courses began in the UK and in 2008 Persephone College UK was established. Training courses are not currently operating in the UK. 

2009 - Persephone College in Australia under the auspices of Persephone Institute completed the graduation of its current students. Training course are not currently operating in Australia

2013 - The Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe (PACE) was established with courses currently operating in Slovakia

2013 - The Psychophonetics Institute International was registered in Slovakia to take over the role of Persephone Institute

2016 - Training courses began in Israel

Yehuda has practiced and taught extensively in Australia, England, South Africa & Europe, and lectured internationally since 1991.

Currently - Yehuda lives and works in Slovakia, and also teaches in Israel & Germany, as well as giving public workshops and talks.


Yehuda's Qualifications

Post Grad. Dip. Social Sciences (counselling), University of South Australia
BA (Ed. Theatre), University of Adelaide, SA
Adv. Dip. Psychophonetics Psychotherapy, Psychophonetics Institute Intl.
Foundation Year in Anthroposophy, Emerson College, UK
Cert. IV Assessment/Workplace Training, Melb. Aust.

Other Training and Studies

Speech & Drama (2 yrs), Harkness Studio, Sydney
Psychosynthesis (Foundation Year), Psychosynthesis Institute, London
Speech & Drama (3 yrs), London School of Speech Formation, London
Educational Administration (1 yr), Haifa University, Israel
Social Work (1 yr), Institute of Social Work, Haifa, Israel
Officer Training (Lieutenant, Paratroopers/Tank Force) Israeli Defence Force Academy (2yrs)

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