Bachelor of Arts; Diploma of Education; Advanced Diploma Psychophonetics counselling/psychotherapy; Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


Anne has worked in private practice as a counsellor & psychotherapist for many years and is deeply committed to supporting people who want to make positive changes in their lives.

She is particularly interested in working with people who are dealing with painful or challenging circumstances, to find their opportunity for growth, development and expression. Anne finds that Psychophonetics is a very effective program for empowering people to discover creative ways to express their feelings and face themselves.

There are times in your life when you know it is time to make a change.

By facing whatever is holding you back, by expressing what is deeply painful,

new choices can be made, ones that are more appropriate for this particular time of your life.

To have loving kindness for others is one thing, to have it for yourself is a whole new way of being.

Anne has also worked for many years as a teacher/trainer and educator in schools, Universities, TAFE, private colleges and Neighbourhood Houses. In more recent times she has worked with indigenous university students, prisoners, job seekers, factory workers and adults and teenagers with an intellectual disability.

Anne has also conducted a number of personal development workshops which have focused on artistic and creative expression, as a pathway to self-acceptance, and living in a more openhearted way. She has developed a soul drawing program that explores with participants their potential to live with more joy and laughter, by allowing their pain and suffering to be expressed, accepted and embraced.

Clients and participants are also encouraged to use clay, as another effective way of uncovering our innermost feelings and vulnerabilities. Clay is a wonderful medium for expressing anger, for deepening self-knowledge and for finding the beginnings of a new, unexpressed voice.

Some of the areas that Anne’s clients have been dealing with include:

  • anxiety and depression
  • relationship issues
  • parenting
  • divorce and separation
  • conflict resolution
  • recovering from burnout and exhaustion
  • dealing with change
  • finding your true vocation in life
  • sexual abuse

You are welcome to contact Anne for more information or to make an appointment

Mobile: 0407 324 593

Email: anneholland@optusnet.com.au