B. Ed (Mus); Adv.Dip Psychophonetics counselling/psychotherapy; Life Alignment Technique practitioner & teacher. Member IICT


Arleen has been studying various modalities of healing and self development processes for many years including an Advanced Diploma in Psychophonetics. After studying Psychophonetics for 3 years in Cape Town, South Africa, Arleen completed the final modules in Australia, and has settled in Brisbane Qld with her husband Adrian and their family.

Arleen is primarily a practitioner and international teacher of Life Alignment Technique, which she has been working with since 2000, in which she incorporates both her knowledge and skills of Psychophonetics and Life Alignment to offer clients a wide range of choice in their consultations.

Arleen believes that finding the right tools for each client is essential in the healing process and accesses whatever is needed to help guide clients to finding their own inner resources.

Arleen works with people of all ages in any situation, offering her skills and experience in a friendly, efficient and professional way.

Her life in South Africa has given her a unique and special understanding of working with people’s deeper spiritual issues and questions and her own life’s journey has given her many insights and understandings of what it takes to heal ones self.

With a strong presence of spirituality in her work, Arleen works with clients and students in a very deep, clear and profound way, helping them to explore and work through their inner questions, issues or struggles. By working with this deep spiritual connection she is able to find the strength and ability to face and work through very difficult and moving issues, especially with women in situations where physical, emotional, mental or spiritual abuse, self esteem, abortion, miscarriage or life purpose issues are concerned.

Using art as a medium, Arleen encourages clients to express themselves in a creative way, using art as a gateway and tool of expression, to help them find ways to heal issues, traumas and old patterns of abuse.

Arleen is developing a strong network of people with whom she is working with and training and is passionate about what she does.

Contact Arleen - hanksa@bigpond.net.au