Graham works in Gloucester UK, and is a Psychophonetics psychotherapist. For several years, he has been giving sessions to colleagues in UK schools, as a support to their teaching.

He holds introductory groups on Psychophonetics and offers sessions wherever needed.

Graham has two daughters with families of their own and an adult son. He has been working in Steiner education for 45 years, teaching young people science in different Steiner schools.

He is now running 5-day teacher training courses in Taiwan and teacher training in Hong Kong. Graham gives talks and training course modules both in the Steiner educational philosophy as well as in the deeper perspectives that Rudolf Steiner brings, such as the detailed description of the evolution of human consciousness.

Graham has a degree in Psychology; attended Emerson College UK, and worked in Camphill.

His research interest is in developing a Goethean Psychology.

He is BACP Accredited (UK ‘Gold Standard’ for counselling and psychotherapy)

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