Phd; M.Ed.St; B.Ed; DipTchg (EC); Dip. Philophonetics-Counselling Practitioner; Adv.Dip.Psychophonetics Counselling/Psychotherapy; Cert Couples Therapy; Adv. Dip Holistic Counselling; Cert Adult Tchg/Learning; Cert 1V Assessment/Workplace Training.

Past Professional Memberships

  • Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)
  • Society of Counselling & Psychotherapy Educators (SCAPE)               
  • Australian Anthroposophic Medicine Association (AAMA)

Hello. My work now includes a range of voluntary and paid contract work for individuals, groups and organisations - including book editing, mentoring, professional supervision, editor of the Psychophonetics Practitioners Newsletter, managing websites, and vice chairperson for a group of aggrieved investors seeking justice.

I worked as a kindergarten director for 21 years and then as a counsellor/psychotherapist in private practice for over 20 years, and trainer of Psychophonetics counselling at Persephone College for several years.

I am mostly retired from private practice now, though I do still see the occasional client..so am semi-retired!

In 2005, I completed a PhD thesis on the holistic nature of change and transformation through psychotherapy and in 2011, completed the first book on Psychophonetics published by Steinerbooks.

I am interested in the processes of change and transformation in individuals and groups through personal and spiritual development; encouraging the development and unfolding of our 'I am' presence; and consciously incorporating the support of our inner and outer resources. I participate in a number of groups which are developing these ways of being and working.

Contact Robin - robin@psychophonetics.com.au