Assoc. Dip. Arts (Welfare Studies); Adv.Dip. Philophonetics Counselling; Adv.Dip. Holistic Counselling. Member ACWA (Austn Community Workers Assocn).


Judy is a counsellor/psychotherapist in private practice in Melbourne and for a number of years she worked as a teacher & supervisor at Persephone College. Her background is in welfare work and utilising the experience of illness accompanied by 'deep' remembering as a path for personal transformation and growth.

She has taken a deep personal journey using Psychophonetics, meditation, breath-work and ongoing study/courses as the basis for her own development and in order to support others.

She is passionate about and committed to empowering others to gain mastery and be self managing on their paths of development and healing.

Through her counselling work and research, Judy has developed a deep understanding of the impact of trauma and of the wounded and buried memories often associated with it and uses Psychophonetics Counselling to support the healing process.

Judy’s other areas of special focus include recovery from sexual abuse, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychosomatic illness, retrieval of lost memories, inner child work, grief and loss.


Judy has a special interest in the impact of inner peace on peace between individuals and within groups and communities.

This interest has her be involved with interfaith and social justice organisations.

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Contact Judy - judyemma1@gmail.com