Dip. Remedial Massage; Cert. Relaxation massage; Adv.Dip. Psychophonetics counselling/psychotherapy.


In addition to being a Psychophonetics practitioner, Francoise has studied other forms of healing such as pranic and energy healing, and is currently training in spiritual healing. She also teaches french to children individually and in small groups.

Francoise offers a safe counselling space which is open and supportive and welcoming of a wide range of issues.

Francoise is interested in the process of change and transformation with such issues as menopause, being a carer and other life changes.

A warm and gentle counselling space is offered, allowing each person:

  • to reconnect with the fullness of their being.
  • to connect to their heart's passion and joy of living
  • to connect with their true self, the one inside who knows
Francoise also has extensive experience in living and working with life threatening dis-eases.

Contact Francoise - peterfrancoise2@gmail.com